What Does kerboodle answers for french Mean?

A gaggle of natural and organic compounds composed mainly of carbon and hydrogen like a proportionately scaled-down amount of oxygen; are insoluble in water, serve as a source of saved Electricity, and so are a element of cell membranes.

A waxy masking over the surface of stems and leaves that acts as an adaptation to avoid loss of h2o in terrestrial plants.

An RNA molecule that capabilities being an interpreter concerning nucleic acid and protein language by picking up certain amino acids and recognizing the right codons during the mRNA

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the resinous, partially combusted particulate issue made by the burning of tobacco together with other plant product in the act of smoking. Carcinogenic and toxic, damages the lungs over time.

The endocrine program's most influential gland. Under the impact in the hypothalamus, it regulates advancement and controls other endocrine glands.

A muscular and elastic sac that serves largely to store meals, split it up mechanically, and begin chemical digestion of proteins and Excess fat.

Virus that causes discolouring in tobacco leaves by blocking the formation of chloroplasts. It had been the 1st virus ever identified.

I emailed them for OCR and was despatched the AQA backlink above. I have tried using hunting from there with no accomplishment. If any person has managed to find the answers I might be seriously grateful for them.

a gland surrounding the neck from the bladder in male mammals and releasing a fluid component of semen.

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A problem where the visual photographs arrive at a spotlight in front of the retina of the eye as a consequence of more info defects during the refractive media of the eye or of abnormal length from the eyeball ensuing particularly in faulty vision of distant objects -- named also nearsightedness.

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Blood flow by way of a community of vessels in between the center and the lungs to the oxygenation of blood plus the removal of carbon dioxide.

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